07 June 2006

Street Trash

Not enough people talk about this one. "Why?!?" I ask you, "Whhhyyyyy?!?" C'mon, homeless dudes melt into fluorescent ooze. A fat guy explodes. A cop beats a mafioso thug unconscious, leaves him in a urinal, and then pukes on his head. That Bill Chepil never did any other movies is evidence there is no God.

Did I mention that homeless guys melt? Did I mention Frankenhooker's James Lorinz is hilarious? Or that there's a cringe-inducing game of manhood keepaway? Or that there's absolutely no plot to get in the way of the story?

Street trash bad, but Street Trash great.

1 comment:

Matthew Timmons said...

Highly Recommended. PENIS I SEE.