16 April 2011

Goodbye Solo

I really liked this movie. I spent a long time sitting on the sofa trying to remember why I wanted to watch it in the first place, and then I finally gave in and looked it up on my phone's IMDB app. Turns out it was written and directed by the guy who made Chop Shop. I liked that movie too.

13 April 2011

Entre Nos

Movies in Spanish remind me of when I went to Mexico. That was a great few weeks of my life. I drank a lot of Nescafe and wore a big stupid hat. And then my sunglasses and camera got stolen and I stopped shaving. And to think that I came awfully close to talking myself out of going. Such foolishness!

12 April 2011

The Missing Person

Michael Shannon is dark and intimidating, and he worked with Billy Friedkin. He is my new favorite actor.

11 April 2011

Wendy and Lucy

I like some sad and miserable shit.

10 April 2011

Which Way Home

And to think that at 14 all I wanted was to watch Assault of the Party Nerds on late night USA. Some kids grow up a lot faster than others.