23 July 2011

Such Hawks Such Hounds

This movie was alright. I like it when gnarly old goat dudes talk about gnarly old goat tunes.

03 July 2011

Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him)?

Seriously? It took me this long to find out Cheeseburger's Gang's All Here cover art is just a take-off of Nilsson Schmilsson?

02 July 2011

Graveyard of Honor

I don't have a lot of goals in life, but the few I have usually come from musings like, "I wonder how many Greg Ginn solo albums I could sit through" or "You think I could see every Takashi Miike film by the end of the year?"

01 July 2011

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Kinda made me wish I did something neat and creative, but then I realized that when it comes to "street art" I tend to side with law enforcement.