19 December 2010

60 Spins Around the Sun

Randy Credico uses crowd work to fight unfair drug policy and sleeps on the floor of a disorganized NY apartment.

Directed by Laura Kightlinger. Tweeted by David Feldman. Enjoyed by stand-up fans with Netflix streaming and an hour to kill.

The New York Ripper

I expected eviscerations and eyeball impalements, but I sure didn't anticipate any big toe frottage, razor blade nipple slicin', or broken bottle lady stabbin'. Not sure about this Fulci character.

14 December 2010

Joan Rivers -- A Piece of Work

Joan Rivers is amazing. While it's easy to see her on HSN and forget that she's still a comedic genius, it's even easier to never ever realize that she works like a goddamn maniac. Fifty years in the biz, folks. If she wasn't great, you wouldn't know who she is.

09 December 2010

Good Will Hunting

I didn't see Good Will Hunting until it came out on video and it made me feel fucking terrible about myself because Matt Damon was a genius who chose to break rocks with his dipshit friends and I graduated second in my class and chose to live at home and go to community college.

Today when the movie popped up on the Encore and I stuck around so I could laugh at its corny setups and contrived dialogue, but I stuck around too long and pretty soon I started feeling fucking terrible about myself because I spent an evening trying to make fun of a movie I didn't even like when I could have been out doing something with my life.

05 December 2010

The King of Comedy

Does this Sandra Bernhard have screeeeeeeeen presence or what? Not only does she hold her own against Bobby D and take that nasty slap from Big Joey Levitch, but she plays Masha with a pitch perfect sense of desperation and bravado that you're can't help but be frightened, annoyed, and increasingly attracted to her all at the same time. It's impressive stuff, man, and it bums me out a little that I didn't manage to hone in on her career any sooner.

04 December 2010

Notorious (2009)

I've now seen more hip-hop biopics than I have Hitchcock films.