30 June 2011

Black Sun -- The Nanking Massacre

I'm just gonna believe everything in this movie actually happened if for no other reason than Iris Chang eventually killed herself.

25 June 2011

No Direction Home

I defy you to look at this album cover and tell me it doesn't represent everything you want from life.

04 June 2011

The Boys -- The Sherman Brothers' Story

Normally a movie about the guys who wrote the songs for Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks wouldn't pique my interest, but after I heard David Feldman gush about this on his podcast, and after I found out that the director is married to a certain comedienne named Wendy Liebman who just so happens to follow me on Twitter...well, I was SOLD.

Great movie. Great story. Great movie. Good story.

01 June 2011


I just met this girl who taught English in Korea. Thought I'd give Thirst a whirl.