24 August 2008

The Savages

Aren't you excited to take care of your parents? Before you know it they're gonna lose all control of their faculties and functions and you'll have to make all these great decisions about who's gonna take care of 'em and how you're gonna pay for it. Sure, it's a tough thing to think about at this stage of the game, so why not channel that energy into fostering good relationships with your own children? Don't wait, act now!

21 August 2008

Visitor Q

What was the fucking point? We don't claim to understand any of Miike's films, but at least Gozu felt like it meant something. It's possible Visitor Q really is a disturbingly absurdist representation of Freudian familiar dynamics, but we think it's more likely a litany of sexual perversions. Necrophilia, rape, incest...yep, all here, right alongside lactation, poop, and mom abuse. The thing that troubles us most of all is our compulsion to watch Zebraman, Ichi the Killer, and all three Dead or Alives!

20 August 2008


We liked the false ending, but the real ending totally let us down. At least it wasn't a giant spider or a space alien or something.

18 August 2008

My Kid Could Paint That

Everything you've ever thought about "art" is in this movie. Not bad!

10 August 2008

McCabe & Mrs Miller

You know, we'd probably be pretty down with Leonard Cohen.