17 May 2020

No Direction Home

The problem with streaming is that you get used to bein' able to watch something whenever ya want, but then the moment you really want to watch it, the darn thing isn't available on any of the services anymore. Fucking dumb.

10 May 2020

The Mandalorian (Season One)

How fun, and -- gosh -- better than all those dumb movies! It was nice to see a Star Wars story that's wasn't too grand or spectacular, and one that hardly focused on family legacies or magical/mystical mumbo jumbo. Seeing this season end with Giancarlo Esposito and his flowing cape and light-up sword made me a little skeptical, however, for Mandalorian season two, as I'm afraid that the future of the series will trend toward Jedi spiritualism and the unmasking of a Fett dynasty rather than maintaining the toward desolate landscapes and one-on-one blaster combat of these episodes. We'll see!

05 May 2020


The great thing about Yesterday is that it's really just pretty good! Not a masterpiece, not a classic, just a top-notch weeknight watch on pay cable. All of the right levels of drama, comedy, and quirkiness, and not a lot of nerdy-ass Beatles fan service. Thumbs up.

03 May 2020

The Adventures of Baron Munchasen

I watched The Baron a number of times as a kid, which means I still enjoyed it as crusty old adult. I also - and this was pretty astonishing to me 'cause I haven't watched it for two decades - remembered all the dialog and all the vocal inflections. What a trip! I mean, for all these years, I doubt I could have quoted this movie to you, but from the moment we pushed play I could hear Sarah Polley's voice a second before she said anything. Same for John Neville and Winston Dennis and all those other guys whose names I didn't look up. How cool is the brain, ya know?

That said, the whole movie is yelling and explosions. Yipes. Definitely wouldn't have cared for it if I'd seen it as a pretentious grown-up rather than as a precocious child.

That Thing You Do!

The story's super cute, and the acting's real fun, but - wow - how boring is the camerawork and editing? Jeepers. No zip. No pizzazz. Nothing exciting seems to happen - and this is rock and/or roll!

02 May 2020


Not that great, but neat that it had Gore Vidal and Ernest Borgnine.

01 May 2020

The Plague Dogs

Neat era for animated features.