03 May 2020

The Adventures of Baron Munchasen

I watched The Baron a number of times as a kid, which means I still enjoyed it as crusty old adult. I also - and this was pretty astonishing to me 'cause I haven't watched it for two decades - remembered all the dialog and all the vocal inflections. What a trip! I mean, for all these years, I doubt I could have quoted this movie to you, but from the moment we pushed play I could hear Sarah Polley's voice a second before she said anything. Same for John Neville and Winston Dennis and all those other guys whose names I didn't look up. How cool is the brain, ya know?

That said, the whole movie is yelling and explosions. Yipes. Definitely wouldn't have cared for it if I'd seen it as a pretentious grown-up rather than as a precocious child.

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