08 June 2006


Whoa, f'ing weird. We've been screening all these sleazy movies and now I have to call David Lynch to tell me what this is about. I know, I know, it's interesting and good, and probably has a lot to say about serious things like gender identity and patterns of abuse, but we're in the mood to eat Doritos and make snide comments. That's hard to do when you're saying, "What's happening?" or "Is this real?" At least there's a decapitation and some extended needle torture. How 'bout that guy who lives in a bag? He had a reverse shocker. And no tongue. I wonder what he thought of Bad Taste?

The Highland Cinema's current calendar looks more Grindhouse a Go-Go than Pacific Film Archive. My condolences to our more erudite readers, but stay tuned as I'm sure this will change if only slightly.

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Matthew Timmons said...

Let me be Frank for a second. That was a weird movie.