05 June 2006

Fangoria Weekend of Horrors

Always on the lookout for new titles to screen at the Cinema, I spent the past two days at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in ungodly hot and strikingly unsightly Burbank, California. The verdict? That Masters of Horror show ain't bad. Pan's Labyrinth looks cool, "fucking" cool as Guillermo del Toro would say. Abominable comes out in September. And Sin Jin Smyth has Roddy Piper. We missed the Night of the Living Dead 3D trailer, but I think I saw that guy from A Christmas Story and that Christopher Titus show.

Plenty of updates were planned for Highland Cinema the Blog, but our formerly good friend SupaFreak decided to password protect his network thus disabling our internet. We shall return shortly, please be patient.

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Matthew Timmons said...

Update bitch. I can't get enough of the cinema~!