30 June 2006

Billy Jack

There's this episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch where Martin Mull and Melissa Joan Hart fight over the theme for the Homecoming Dance. She wants Grease, he wants Billy Jack. She wins, but he still shows up in a western shirt and black hat.

That shit had me rolling on the motherfucking floor.

Billy Jack is classic. Billy Jack is a badass, Howard Hesseman is a badass, and Susan Foster has a hot ass! Too much soapboxin'; really great improv-in'. Released in 1971. All you need to know. See it now and up your cred.


Matthew Timmons said...

Billy kick ass like Van Damme. Then some chick gets raped and ya feel bad. Great flick.

d evon said...

all with a 1970's PG rating.

Direct your attention to the official site.

and the official Laughlin blog.

please don't waste your time with the regular dvd...get this super-deluxe one...complete with the Billy Jack sequels!

Matthew Timmons said...

Sabrina brings the hotness and the funny. Talkin' cat!