09 June 2006

Morrissey -- Who Put the "M" in Manchester?

Moz put the "M" in Manchester and Kilbs put the "Y" in "Why I like Morrissey."

Morrissey is important to some people. Remember how he kept you company while you drove your parents' station wagon? Or how Strangeways didn't leave your walkman until junior year? Morrissey has charisma and personality, people, it's the only way anyone could tolerate his velvet croon and easy-listening orchestration. Not to mention his questionable merchandise (the Smiths only metaphorically saved your life, Morrissey does it for real). The Highland Cinema likes fandom, cults, and concert dvds, so we have to like this even if it is a little, ah...well, never mind, never mind.


Matthew Timmons said...

Nice to see some Kilby love. That man is missed.

Brokeback jokes are soooo three months ago.

Harold Powers said...

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