19 June 2006

Jonestown: The Life and Death of People's Temple

Jim Jones was a horrible person. I feel so strongly about it that I'll admit to you that the Highland Cinema started to tear up a little bit during this one. Just over nine hundred real people died thanks to this cruel, manipulative, lying sonofabitch. If Jim Wynorski's name was in the credits, I'd offer you a Kool-Aid joke and exaggerated, insensitive Darwinism. Instead I only offer you the following:

Read up on Jonestown here, here, and here. A number of People's Temple texts are in circulation, but I've only read this one.

Wow, that turned to be way more serious than I'd anticipated. We will now return to our regularly scheduled sleaze.

Coming soon: Nekromantik!


Matthew Timmons said...

First Post!

Anonymous said...

Second Post!


Matthew Timmons said...

Tres postas... me amigo.

d evon said...


The figure who posts under the moniker "he mantooth" does not know the espanol! This I know for a fact!