27 June 2006

Love Object

Kenneth is creepy, lonely, and socially inept, but he's also a kick-ass instruction-manual writer and the kind of guy who thinks nothing of throwing down ten grand on a silicone doll. But that doll, she is switched to evil she is. Pure evil. She makes him do all sorts of crazy things. They get in arguments, he buys a Do-It-Yourself home bondage kit, he slices up an apartment manager. Oh, and how could I forget that he has sex with a plasticine woman! More than once. Whoa. Crusty cuffs are so much easier on the pocketbook, dude. Get a clue. If that's not creepy enough, perhaps I should mention that he orders this doll to look exactly like the new office temp. Allow me to reiterate: Whoa.

Love Object sounds like it'd be all disturbing and gross, but it's pretty Tales From the Crypt (read: too light on the gore and flesh). Decent acting though. When you need a Gwyneth Paltrow understudy, look no further than Melissa Sagemiller. And when you need a character actor to be a hardass boss, look no further than Rip Torn.

The Highland Cinema liked the surprise ending (hint: they get the wrong guy...hmmm...not really a hint....you aren't gonna see this anyway), the Shield co-star, and....hell, Melissa Sagemiller. She must not have a good agent 'cuz she hasn't been in anything.

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Matthew Timmons said...

Thought you would go with a krusty Kuffs.
Too easy?

Not a bad movie, just a little wanna be American Psycho. Without the kick-ass Huey Lewis references. Or Batman.