18 June 2006

Peeping Tom

Scop(t)ophilia, and maybe an allegory about film spectatorship. Marty says it's all you need to know about directing!

Carl Boehm plays a creepy, lispy, super 8 fetishist who kills women with his Kinoflex and records the whole thing. Maybe he does it for posterity, most definitely he does it to capture the ultimate fear, and perhaps he does it to...ah...well, let's forget about that last one, but I think you know where I was heading.

There is much to be said about Peeping Tom, but Highland Cinema is a blog and not a dissertation. We'll leave it at, "And I thought a camera only stole your soul!"

"Pretty great when the old dude buys the girlie pics."

And "How about when he actually makes out with the camera?!?" He does. Caresses it oh so gently. Weirdo.

Enjoy this spoiler:


Matthew Timmons said...

Props to the Cinema for checkin' out some old shit. Speakin' of old shit. Rumour is the H.C. hasn't seen this or this.

What's with you, man?

d evon said...

Those rumors can neither be confirmed nor denied.

Matthew Timmons said...

I need some more reviews... get wit it bitch!