14 June 2006

Das Experiment

[Editor's note: I had to bring Highland Cinema up to date, hence today's rash of entries. Hope you enjoy it.]

Based on the Stanford Prison Experiment, a psych experiment which I think Philip Zimbardo dreamed up just so he could buy more black hair dye. I read about this thing four years ago when it debuted at the California Theater, but missed it because it was only there for a week. C'mon! Expectations remained moderately low since no one ever mentions or stocks this. But torpedos be damned. The Highland Cinema tracked it down and so should you.

Twenty volunteers: half guards, half inmates. Humilation as punishment, Napoleon complexes and power trips, a German Elvis impersonator, and that guy from Run Lola Run. But what was up with the love story? Sure, she's grieving and he's "imprisoned," but that was a stretch. You still get a forcible head-shaving, a hives-outburst, and lactose intolerance, so all is right in the world.


Matthew Timmons said...

I liked the random love subplot, only for the boobies.

Anonymous said...

In an effort to help H.C. obtain resource material, I offer the following:

Jim Varney. Goldmine.

You're welcome.


d evon said...

the Varney, he was so good. So sad to see his hard-livin' catch up with him.