16 June 2006


The most unsettling stuff we've seen at Highland thus far. If you remember this, you remember how Joel M Reed made us yawn when he showed us human dart boards and some broad with a straw stabbed in her skull. What a hack. Then some guy named Fruit Chan of all things shows me a bloody fetus and I think I'll have nightmares. Don't even get me started on this Takashi Miike character. We'll leave his segment for the neo-Freudians. That guy is some kind of genius. An auteur, if I remember my Film 151 definitions. No, not Freud, he was a quack. Scroll to "Acquisition and Control of Fire" and laugh yourself 'til you pee.

Act I: Soylent dumplings make you young. I'll have to wait until a Supreme Court decision comes down before I can definitively call them "soylent." Grossed us out with its gyno-corporeal Cronenbergisms and bloody bathtub water, but way too conventional when stacked up against the next two. Watch as Bai Ling picks her nose. We spotted the plot turns a mile away.

Act II: Ok, Fruit Chan was lame. This Oldboy cat is the real deal. Fingers in a blender. Vampire girl in the opening scene. Unbelievably great set design. Hurtful and nasty confessions. I didn't get the ending. Probably requires a second viewing.

Act III: Miike gives us some Taboo shit. [Wince] Speechless. Nothing funny to say.

Except this: remember when I saw the Three...Extremes trailer? It was after this. I was not on my A-game that day.


Matthew Timmons said...

Best film so far in the brief history of the Highland Cinema. "Oldboy" was kickin', but this shit was disturbing. Which is the highest compliment a H.C. movie can get. Hollywood officially sucks.

Matthew Timmons said...

This movie is worthy of more than one fuckin' post... Come on people, what the fuck is your problem... you read about it here, then you fuckin' see it... then you post about it. It's not that hard. Beta0 is bleedin' his heart out for you jackasses, and this is what you give him? I spit on you. I defecate on you. I...'m drunk.

d evon said...

yeah. assholes.

d evon said...

i am also drunk.

Matthew Timmons said...