09 July 2006


Chopper is a bad dude. A bad dude with personality, but a bad dude nonetheless. Motherfucker gets stabbed eight times by his best friend and doesn't blink an eye. He pays a guy to cut off his earlobes just 'cause he wants a cellblock transfer. The blood's running down his shoulders and pooling at his feet and he's yelling at the guy to stop being a pussy and cut faster. Once he finally gets released he suspects his lady-of-the-night "girlfriend" is seeing another dude so he beats her senseless in front of her own mother. Then Chopper tracks down the other guy and shoots him in the stomach, but only after he demands a cash payout. Damn. One crazy s.o.b.

The Highland Cinema's only goal in life is to stay out of the pen -- smiley manipulative cats like this will trick you into thinking you're friends, but won't think twice about stabbing you in the face with a filed-down spork. Or worse -- you do know what prisons are most famous for, right? What hurts most is the lack of respect.

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Matthew Timmons said...

Holy Shit. Best post ever. Highland Cinema is at the top of its game.