05 January 2008

Sex -- The Annabel Chong Story

It surprised EVERYONE when I told them Sex -- The Annabel Chong Story was the most disturbing thing I'd ever seen.

But they haven't seen it.

See, most people think porno is pizza deliveries and mustaches, wah-wah guitars and zebra prints. They're wrong.

Annabel Chong made a name for herself by trying to fuck 300 men on camera in a single day. Her freak show adult cinema feat put her in television interviews the world 'round where she sat, a fidgeting speed casualty, peppering her ex post facto feminist theory rationalizations with nervous tics and uncomfortable laughs. Sex tells you the whole story behind the World's Biggest Gang Bang, how Chong didn't get any of the money promised her (a cool ten grand), how 10 hours of unshorn fingernails made her call it quits at 250, and how once the vid hit the shelves a Florida stripper set a new record and relegated Chong to the forgotten annals of extreme pornography.

What makes Sex more difficult than the rest of the depraved garbage we've shown at the Cinema is that this whole thing is real. Honest to God, one hundred percent live and in the flesh. Chong's interviews show her as a delusional, damaged, emotional wreck whose own college-informed interpretation of her career as a living exercise in gender role reversal is both pathetic and unconvincing. Equally unsettling is the film's footage of adult industry mavens, sleazebags of the highest sort only out to push the human body's limits while ignoring all notions of dignity and respect. Hey, they chose to do this, right? Jesus, gimme a break. This is bad stuff, people. There isn't enough therapy in the world to correct wrongs like this.

Wait, you still want to see this? Go ahead. Stomach this primer and be one your way. Godspeed.

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