26 May 2006

Black Sabbath -- Never Say Die: Live in 1978

Tony Iommi has looked the same for 30 years! Ozzy sounds good, Geezer rocks, and Bill Ward looks like he's in Orange Goblin. Are you as shocked as I am? Last time I saw Ozzy he sounded like dying cats in an echo chamber. But the Iommi -- that's what he looked like last year. And that's what he sounded like.

Sabbath is f'n cool and and never stopped being HEA-VY (heavy) DU-TY (duty) rock and ro-ow-ow-ollllll. EVER!!!!!!

Except when they got Rick Wakeman to play keyboards.

Or when they did "Changes."


Matthew Timmons said...

Herpes on my dick!

Matthew Timmons said...

We need a fuckin' dvd burner goddammitt!